Steven Alvarez Redux

SONG 106


one-five-four Technicians of that shine like the sun

everybody who passes has headbands

excellent boy/ none like mala:Juan McTlan

a friend of rare quality

he looked at me when I passed                     (“inside” term)

& my heart was in jubilee

to rub those buttocks

mother knew what I am

thinking come to thy

while people were looking breathless

crowd come to Thy sister

they knew it    Arise!  Arise!

so I am goddess from biers that

ought of exit however hover near


on the very top of the jeweled floor cutting & shaping

it did                                                                                       comments:

it’s the nice child of the jade                                                            referring to the making of t—

so it is

jade cloud is its lid when a

rainbow encircles it when a nice

water’s child is sprayed upon it

so it is

coral in its rear it is pleasant when

at its front it is pleasant when

calling her name

Ivory Ivory

for five days she has abandoned

she says:

I sent to his house &

my beloved was at his ma’s

w/ brothers & sisters

on earth

beloved Juan

on earth         triumphant!

glorious hermano

I may

Thy genital

my breasts

for a bullroarer / me

the manopipi bullroarers

door was wide open


abt him

like a cloud

eyes so high

cannot see me

angry when he pulls

his moustache

so angry

cannot find


& I praise his

countryside for mist

to mist

find me


bark or a nice one gave its sound / so

tree w/ its bark

just gave its pop

which bullroarers for the Manopipi

one gave its sound / so it is

one gave its sound / so it does

then a nice one gave its sound

chingachingadingaching ching ching ching ching

“inside” name for pieces


one gave its sound / so it is

one gave its sound / so it is

just gave its . . .

I have sd come to

milk to Thy fill birthday boy

I guard upon

darkness tear

at yr eye

fall at my feet

come to yr house

in radiance

our pavilion

give the sound / that’s all

rise exultant in hilarity


triumph when to behold


grandchild when a nice one?

breathed into them?

make vows to me yr goddess

b/c our home is a nice one

been praying three days

incantations for revivals

Steven Alvarez is the author of The Pocho Codex and The Xicano Genome, both published by Editorial Paroxismo. He is an Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies at the University of Kentucky. Follow him on Instagram @stevenpaulalvarez and Twitter @chastitellez.


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