Special Thanks

We love you.

David.   Berge.   Bill.   Pejman.   Ethan.    Ryan.   Noah.   Bogo.   Stephen.   Wilson.   Cyrus.   a different David.   Henry.   Butler.   that awful guy at the poetry reading.   Frankie.   Derek.   Bentley Heaps.   Emily.   Paul.   L.   Kip.   Mac.   Juneau.   Stefan.   Al.   Bryce.   (everyone at JAB wants to thank each other).   Josh.   Big B.   Zuck.   Ian.   all memes.   Juno.   Hype-men.   Richard.   George.   Paul.   Chris.   Anthony.   Piero.   Jeff.   Anne.   J. Spaceman.   Jay.   Ginsby.   Eno.   yet another David.   Portnoy.   Savage.   the twins M.   Dawn’s credit card.   thanks, Robert.   Jon.   Fuck.   Isaac.   Ariel.   Lil Jay.   Hill. Chowder.   the final David.   Hatt.   Coltrane.   Hancock.


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