Martin Elwell


If books prove anything, it’s that sometimes a man
is just a man picking our pockets,
a figure in a suit (an undercover agent).

People don’t change.
We’re continually re-enacting paranoia:
witches, Jews, communists, drug fiends, Islamists, bugs, feds.

At face value, language is an accident – no point
in exploring reason, folks
can’t mind their own business.

Right on the sidewalk of the main drag, expect criticism
from a stranger.
Fuck the utopia we deserve.

*Erasure from Gorse article about Burroughs’ 100th.

Martin Elwell is a poet and editor who recently relocated from New Hampshire to Tucson, AZ. He is News & Resources Editor for the Found Poetry Review, and he co-edited Bearers of Distance, an anthology of poems by runners. His poems have appeared in Empty Mirror Magazine of the Arts, Evening Street Review, and other places. You can find out more about him at


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