Cari Oleskwicz

Dress Code for the Wedding

Many many people
people asking
what to wear

June in Florida
will be hot
That being said

I am hot
I am wearing
wearing formal

I am wedding
wedding Mark
minus Mark

I would think
I would
I wed

Please no jeans
no shorts
no holes

no sleeveless shirts
no flip-flops

Facebook post written by Tara G., May 2014.



Rob’s Summer, According to Facebook

Karma ate twice.
Down a hundred pounds.

I usually never do,
and for me that takes a lot.

Go away somewhere
watch the towers fall.

One can count
true friends – few friends.

One can count on medicine
a taste of agent orange.

Several Facebook posts written by Rob S., May 2014 to September 2014


Cari Oleskewicz’s work has been published in a number of online and print publications, including The Found Poetry Review, Commonline Journal, Five 2 One Magazine, Main Street Rag, Pedestal Magazine, Diverse Voices Quarterly, and Silver Birch Press. She is currently at work on a novel-in-verse and is pursuing an MFA at the University of Tampa.  


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