We want to publish the best. That’s pretty subjective, we know. The literary magazine is, let’s face it, a dying art. There’s a lot of good ones, even a few great ones, but most settle for the same thing — comforting, easy poetry. We want poetry that offends us. Poetry that makes us hate or love the speaker. Poetry that challenges the reader. Poetry that makes us want to look away. Poetry that makes us laugh or cry or puke or all three. We don’t care for lit world cliques, Brooklyn poetry readings, or where you got your MFA. For this reason, we read BLINDLY. We don’t care who you are. We don’t care if you’ve been published in Ploughshares and The Missouri Review. We care what you write. Maybe we feel this way because we’re kids and we’re sick of the old dinosaur magazines and poets, the favoritism, the solicited submissions. We know it sounds crazy, but maybe poetry should be fresh and exciting. Fun, even. We seek to publish work that previews the shape of poetry to come.

We like to believe that if it sings, it’s worth a listen. We’ll let you figure that one out.


JAB is an online quarterly publication, as of now. Next May, however, we plan to release a print journal of JAB as the kickoff of a semiannual tradition, featuring the best of the best submissions we receive. Submissions (poetry, visual art, and one or two essays/short fiction pieces) for the print journal open March 1st.

In case you forgot, we read BLIND.

Remember to report response times!


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